Gerle Consulting
  • Management of the IT-implementation at two new compounding sites of an international healthcare corporation in North-America
  • Management of the SAP implementation at a Belgium site of an international automotive supplier
  • Colaboration with the program management of a manufacturer of dosing systems and management of an international SAP roll-out in France, China, India and the USA.
  • Preparation and management of a program of several SAP transformation- and roll-out projects around the globe for an international corporation of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Team-lead for PM and MM at a SAP project of a phamaceutical manufacturer in Switzerland
  • MM-Consulting for a chemical company in the USA
  • Program management at a multinational pharmaceutical corporation
  • Interims-management of a ERP team for a pharmaceutical company in Norway
  • Project management of a template roll-out to Singapore for a multinational corporation ot the pharmaceutical industry
  • PM-implementation within a SAP roll out at 6 German sites of an international pharmaceutical company
  • Team lead for plant maintenance (SAP-PM) and purchasing (MM-PUR and SRM) within a SAP project at a pharmaceutical company in Austria.
  • Implementation of SAP-CS at a logistics service provider
  • Project reviews for a corporation of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Management of a full scope SAP-implementation (ECC, SEM, BW) at a real estate company in Jordan
  • Coaching of the project management at a pharmaceutical company in Russia
  • Project management of a roll-out project of an international consumer goods corporation in Egypt
  • System audits with the RBE-analyzer at a utility coporation
  • Deployment planning in the context of an international roll-out for a company of the chemical industry
  • Project management of an implementation of SAP ECC and BW at a pharmaceutical company in Serbia
  • Implementation of SAP-PM at a plastics processing company
  • Development of a PM pilot system for a vaccine producer
  • Management of a full scope implementation at a Slovenian company of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Development of a business concept for an IT license management solution basing on SAP-PM for a utility company
  • Validation of an IT solution of a logistics service provider
  • Audits of product recall strategies and creation of product recall plans
  • Management of a roll-out of an asset management solution basing on SAP for an international pharmaceutical corporation
  • Management of a SAP roll-out project for the asset lifecycle management of an international polymer producer
  • Feasibility studies regarding SAP-QM and the usage of document management systems
  • Management of an international roll-out project in the area of asset lifecycle management for an international chemical corporation in France and Belgium
  • Consulting in SAP-PM on an ALM projct of an international chemical corporation
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